About Bashamif Global.

BASHAMIF is one of the few auto and parts shipping, professional financial service and real estate companies in Nigeria that works with Enterprise systems and companies both in Nigeria and US.

Known for their realiability and trustworthiness, Bashamif International act like a link between Nigeria and US in terms of car, auto-parts and other good clearing and shipping fro US to Nigeria vice versa.

Bashamif is well known for his travel support in comfortability to HAJJ & UmRah Pilgrims, not only but also help export local products from Nigeria to any destination in the US.

    Bashamif Global differentiation point comes with three simple principles:

  • True collaboration with customers and partners..
  • Complete understanding of clients needs..
  • Persistence in delivering services at all cost.

Additionally, Bashamif engage in full service support, enabling ease of partnership connections and conviniency. Its qualified staff are all over performing full servicing generally both in Nigeria and the US.

Our Strength

We provide timely services and boast of highly experienced professionals in our team implementing task professionally which is the strength of our organization. Thus you can rely on us. Our mode of opeations is next to non in the process of shipping from US to Nigeria with unique methods.

Financial Analysis

We offer adequate financial analyses, audit and business consultancy with our vast years in Audit as a Service. With our 24/7/365 days per year support, we are making FinancialAudits and Analyses a feasibility.

Customer Satisfaction

We profer things from the customer perspective and also give a positive and impressive solutions on their needs for autos, farm machineries, local produces exportations & Charity for the needy.

Team Work & Efficiency

Our team operates with enthusiasm and flexibility. We are focused on our customers, being their reliable partner for good services and solutions, working together on a partnership basis and helping them overcome the challenges of the modern times business challenges.


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We provide our pilgrims with recent and sophisticated facilities and well furnished and confortable accomodations very close to the KaaBa service centre where you can have a great experience and fruitful Hajj & Umrah service.

Import & Export

We have made it so easy to ship your products from US down to Nigeria and other African countries and vice versa with unbeatable prices via our safe, fast and trusted delivery method.

Real Estate

With several years of operating as a Real Estate Agency, we possess valid operating licenses and authority to help you acquire, build and manage your property safely in the US and Nigeria.

Financial Services

Our team of qualified chattered accountants with vast experienced both in Nigeria and US accounting laws and financials will analyze every financial lapses and capacity, providing key important information and advice to support the growth of your business.

Auto Dealership

We would help you ship your car, auto and auto parts down to your door step in Nigeria from US. We would further help in clearing easily to your door step at an affordable best price.

Agro Allied

Sophisticated farm tools and machineries at affordable cost with excellent customer service and support. Not only, but also a mindful and blissful farm produces consultancy.

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We are known for our excellence service deliverance on core Auto & Auto-Parts dealership, Real Estate Managements both in US & Nigeria, Travel arrangemnets for Hajj & Umrah, Farm produces and machineries mechandising, Financial Services, Shipping aid to Nigeria from Us and exporting from NIgeria to US with ease, while enabling a Charity platfor based on giving back to the community.

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What they say and feel about US!

Bashamif is a one stop shop for various projects. We are well known and trusted for all we do.

Happy Clients Our Clients value our way of operations and processes.

Projects Basically, we have all necessary requirements, both in Human Capacity and Technology to handle all projects assigned to us.

Years of experience We are well exposed and experienced in all services we provide

Awards Our excellent way of achieveing projects speaks for us.

Waheed Ibrahim

Ceo & Founder, Fleexeinfotech.com

Buying Car from Bashamif Global is the best thing ever in Car Business. We are very satisfied with the efficiency afterward.

Alhaji Sherriff

Hajj Pilgrim

We were well treated and observed the best of Hajj Services during visitations in 2016 and 2017 .

Alhaji Kamal

Hajj Pilgrim

We were well treated and observed the best of Hajj Services during visitations in 2014 and 2019 ..


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Alh. Deen Ibiyemi


Alh. Deen Ibiyemi


Alh. Sheriff Opebiyi





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151 Ocean Street, Providence, RI 02905, US

94, Ekoro Road, Abule-Egba, Lagos, Nigeria



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